Upcoming Events

These are the offline Live events that are coming up soon.  I generally list the events that I am a part of or that I personally love to attend myself.  You should look into these events because these are some of the best live events that will help you build your dream practice.


International MIFAS Cadaver Workshop, Rosemont, IL 2019

You want to learn the core surgical techniques from the masters of minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery?

The INTERNATIONAL MIFAS Cadaver Lab Workshop has invited the world leaders in Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery, to participate and teach core MIFAS procedures and protocols.

The aim of the workshop is to provide premier hands-on learning opportunity for core foundation skills in MIFAS (Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery).  The course will provide a complete overview of the evaluation, and surgical correction focusing on percutaneous minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery techniques.  Integration with expertise from outstanding national and international faculty will be presented to strengthen the learning experience.