Hello doctors, let’s talk about goal-setting today. We set goals, however, they are very difficult to achieve. Do you agree with that? There are reasons behind it. You can blindly or vaguely set goals:

“I’m gonna make a lot of money next year.”

“I’m going to do more surgeries next year.”

“I’m going to be nicer to my family member next year.”

But goal-setting is nothing like that; these are not specific enough. I learned this and then I did some research and took a lot of business courses. You don’t have to because I want to provide some information and knowledge. If you are a private practice owner, you can apply this information and knowledge to your practice to increase revenue and monetize.

I use the elements of goal; the acronym SMART. You may have heard this one before but again I’m going to tell you anyways.

S – Specific

Your goal has to be a more detail-oriented specific goal.

M – Measurable

Your goal should be measurable.

If I say I’m going to lose a lot of weight, there is no measure. Measurable is “I’m going to lose five pounds in the next two weeks.” That’s more specific and measurable, isn’t it?

A – Attainable or Actionable

It should be set as an actionable task.

So instead of I’m going to lose five pounds in the next three weeks, I’d say, “I’m going to do 30 minutes three times a day, crunches and sit-ups every day for the next two-three weeks to lose 5 pounds.” That’s more actionable.

R – Relevant

You have to really resonate with your goals.

You cannot just do some kind of unrealistic goal that doesn’t resonate or isn’t relevant to you, your personal development or your business. So it should be relevant.

T – Time-bound

This is very, very important because humans are notorious for procrastinating.

You and I both know if we don’t have a deadline, it’s very easy to put things off. So make sure to add some urgency to your goal setting.

Your action task is to write down one goal following the SMART principles.

Good luck with it!

Dr. TJ

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