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Hi, I'm DR. TJ Ahn.

I help other doctors build their dream private practices without the hassles of insurance networks. I do so through coaching, consulting and developing educational programs for doctors to learn from.

My passion is to teach the essential shifts doctors must make in the modern culture such as nicheing down, mastering the business mindset and incorporating digital marketing strategies.

If you believe I may be of service to you through my programs please do not hesitate to contact me.

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The American medical industry is not what it once was. Owning and operating a private practice has become a nightmar for so many. But after countless house of research, seeking mentorship and investing thousands of dollars in my own skill-development I believe I have the remedy.


MIFAS helped me take my practice back from the insurance companies but the profit alchemy took me to 7-figures.

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Dr. Ahn has provided an excellent program in terms of professional development and personal development.

Dr. Timothy Shea | Podiatric Surgeon, California

He has really put Minimally Invasive Surgery on a different level. It is an honour to attend his lectures.

Dr. Orlando Nunez | Podiatric Surgeon

I attended TJ's minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery cadaver lab in Chicago recently and it was hands-down the best learning experience I've had in 33 years of my practice

Dr. Larry Best | Podiatric Surgeon, Indiana

Want to learn the 3 Ways to Increase your podiatry practice profits without seeing more patients?