Most online marketers do not know what HIPAA is. It is very, very dangerous as private practice owners to utilize this type of marketer for your lead generation and patient generation. Because most marketers use platforms, I am not going to name those platforms. Most marketers use non-HIPAA compliant platforms. It is not safe for doctors to use this because of patient information.

Even if you are generating leads, as soon as a patient opts in with their information (name, phone number, and email address) with the intention of you utilizing as a lead generation, contact them. It is still considered as PHI protected health information. Bring them into your practice; they may be a future patient.

HIPAA Compliance Marketing Course

Credit is now given to my friend and teacher John Hopshade. I took his HIPAA compliance marketing course and now I am helping other doctors, colleagues and my clients to make sure they are utilizing HIPAA compliant marketing. I am not going into details, but if you are already marketing for your private practice, make sure your marketer follows HIPAA rules and regulations. Between yourself and the marketer, have a business associate agreement with those two entities. It is a very expensive mistake you can avoid.

Penalty for non-compliance

Currently, I believe the government can fine you up to $50,000 or so a day if you’re not HIPAA-compliant. If you go to the government website, you will see a lot of ongoing cases which has something to do with HIPAA compliance and violating those HIPAA laws, regulations, and patient protected health information, etc.

If you are concerned, you can get in contact with me. I help my colleagues and clients to be HIPAA compliant with their medical marketing.

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