This Marketing Mistake Can Shut Down Your Private Practice (HIPAA)

Most online marketers do not know what HIPAA is. It is very, very dangerous as private practice owners to utilize this type of marketer for your lead generation and patient generation. Because most marketers use platforms, I am not going to name those platforms. Most marketers use non-HIPAA compliant platforms. It is not safe for doctors to use this because of patient information.

Even if you are generating leads, as soon as a patient opts in with their information (name, phone number, and email address) with the intention of you utilizing as a lead generation, contact them. It is still considered as PHI protected health information. Bring them into your practice; they may be a future patient.

HIPAA Compliance Marketing Course

Credit is now given to my friend and teacher John Hopshade. I took his HIPAA compliance marketing course and now I am helping other doctors, colleagues and my clients to make sure they are utilizing HIPAA compliant marketing. I am not going into details, but if you are already marketing for your private practice, make sure your marketer follows HIPAA rules and regulations. Between yourself and the marketer, have a business associate agreement with those two entities. It is a very expensive mistake you can avoid.

Penalty for non-compliance

Currently, I believe the government can fine you up to $50,000 or so a day if you’re not HIPAA-compliant. If you go to the government website, you will see a lot of ongoing cases which has something to do with HIPAA compliance and violating those HIPAA laws, regulations, and patient protected health information, etc.

If you are concerned, you can get in contact with me. I help my colleagues and clients to be HIPAA compliant with their medical marketing.

How to Set Business Goals for Doctors

Hello doctors, let’s talk about goal-setting today. We set goals, however, they are very difficult to achieve. Do you agree with that? There are reasons behind it. You can blindly or vaguely set goals:

“I’m gonna make a lot of money next year.”

“I’m going to do more surgeries next year.”

“I’m going to be nicer to my family member next year.”

But goal-setting is nothing like that; these are not specific enough. I learned this and then I did some research and took a lot of business courses. You don’t have to because I want to provide some information and knowledge. If you are a private practice owner, you can apply this information and knowledge to your practice to increase revenue and monetize.

I use the elements of goal; the acronym SMART. You may have heard this one before but again I’m going to tell you anyways.

S – Specific

Your goal has to be a more detail-oriented specific goal.

M – Measurable

Your goal should be measurable.

If I say I’m going to lose a lot of weight, there is no measure. Measurable is “I’m going to lose five pounds in the next two weeks.” That’s more specific and measurable, isn’t it?

A – Attainable or Actionable

It should be set as an actionable task.

So instead of I’m going to lose five pounds in the next three weeks, I’d say, “I’m going to do 30 minutes three times a day, crunches and sit-ups every day for the next two-three weeks to lose 5 pounds.” That’s more actionable.

R – Relevant

You have to really resonate with your goals.

You cannot just do some kind of unrealistic goal that doesn’t resonate or isn’t relevant to you, your personal development or your business. So it should be relevant.

T – Time-bound

This is very, very important because humans are notorious for procrastinating.

You and I both know if we don’t have a deadline, it’s very easy to put things off. So make sure to add some urgency to your goal setting.

Your action task is to write down one goal following the SMART principles.

Good luck with it!

Dr. TJ

Why You Need a Coach or Mentor for Your Medical Practice

Why do you need a coach or mentor for Your Medical Practice?

Do you want to grow your practice fast, efficiently and effectively without taking unnecessary risks or wasting time? That’s truly one of the main reasons why you need a mentor or a coach.

Now a coach and mentor are slightly different. In my opinion, a mentor is more like a teacher, council, or adviser. So you seek a mentor if you need certain direction or advice on something that you’re not sure of. It can be both a coach and mentor at the same time but coach, to me, is slightly different.

You have a coach to push you to the limit so that you can achieve higher than where you are right now.

A coach can provide you with assurance and accountability; they can hold your hand and motivate you. A coach has a slightly more active role in teaching. Mentors are a little bit different in that you have to be more active; you have to seek advice. You have to go to the mentor but a coach is going to be right by you every step of the way.

Many of you know already that I’ve been a serious martial artist. I’ve been practicing Japanese Aikido and Brazilian jiu-jitsu for many years. I still practice Japanese Aikido. Here are some quotes that can resonate with you as far as mentoring and coaching.

Bruce Lee once said, “He doesn’t fear the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, however, he fears the man who practices one kick 10,000 times.”

Have you heard about the shiny object syndrome?

You can go for this and if it doesn’t work you can go for the other. If you don’t have good direction or good advice, then you will be poking around many different things but you’re not really achieving anything.

Coaches and Mentors can give you the guidance you need to reach the next level.

A coach or mentor can give you great guidance; they can give you time-saving direction.

You can trust them and follow their path and perfect it for yourself so that it helps you achieve what you are looking for. You can trust your coach and mentor because they’ve done it before. They’ve done a lot of trial and error within themselves so you don’t have to repeat it. In other words, you learn from what they’ve already gone through so they know they can teach you what works. That way you can save time, energy, and money and not go through the same trial and error.

Choose your coach and mentor wisely.

You need to choose your coach or mentor very wisely. Here is another quote: “Practice doesn’t make you perfect but practice can make you permanent.”

I think originally the “practice makes permanent” quote is from Bobby Robson. Then I’ve heard a little bit different versions of it, even from Ben Hogan, my golf idol. So if you choose the wrong practice and continue to practice the wrong thing, it will only make you permanent. That’s why it’s very important who you choose as your mentor or coach.

I always thought I was lucky or fortunate to have great mentors and coaches. However, now I look back, it’s not just luck; it’s your direction, your mindset. If you are consistently thinking about improving yourself to become a better version of yourself, the universe will align with you. Or God, the Universal force, will be aligned with you and somehow it will bring it in front of you. The opportunities and chances will be presented to you almost naturally. I really think that it starts from within you.

A good coach or mentor can give you the right kind of things that you need to work on so you don’t have to poke around different things. They can make sure what you practice is the right thing making practice more valuable and effective.

If you’re struggling, concerned or if you don’t know what direction you need to take, seek out a good coach or mentor. They’ll help you tremendously.

If you need help setting up an OBS or learning MIFAS please don’t hesitate to book a free strategy session with me and my team – Click here to book a time.

-TJ Ahn

Benefits of Office-based Surgery

Why Office-based Surgery?

1. Convenience and comfort for your patients

Patients usually feel much more comfortable coming to your office and to see the same staff instead of going to big hospitals or surgery centers where they have to meet new people just for the surgery.

2. Lower out-of-pocket cost for your patients

This is obvious, but patients could save much more if the surgery is performed at your office.  As their deductible, co-insurance, and co-pays are increasing at outrageous rate every year, patients are afraid of having any kind of medical procedures done in these days.  By providing office-based surgery, patients will be more likely inclined to accept your surgical treatment plan since it saves them huge cost in most cases.

3. Insurance networks rewards more for physicians

You will be surprised to see 20% more reimbursement if you perform procedures in your office.  This is true for many states.  Even Medicare will rewards you more for office-based procedures.  Why? It is simple.  It saves them lots of money since patients don’t need to be admitted to the hospitals or ambulatory surgery centers.

4. It saves time and you create your own schedule

You don’t have to travel to hospitals through traffic.  You don’t have to wait around for your turn.  You will have more free time for you and your family.  You control your schedule and you can utilize time much more efficiently with office-based surgery.