Why Office-based Surgery?

1. Convenience and comfort for your patients

Patients usually feel much more comfortable coming to your office and to see the same staff instead of going to big hospitals or surgery centers where they have to meet new people just for the surgery.

2. Lower out-of-pocket cost for your patients

This is obvious, but patients could save much more if the surgery is performed at your office.  As their deductible, co-insurance, and co-pays are increasing at outrageous rate every year, patients are afraid of having any kind of medical procedures done in these days.  By providing office-based surgery, patients will be more likely inclined to accept your surgical treatment plan since it saves them huge cost in most cases.

3. Insurance networks rewards more for physicians

You will be surprised to see 20% more reimbursement if you perform procedures in your office.  This is true for many states.  Even Medicare will rewards you more for office-based procedures.  Why? It is simple.  It saves them lots of money since patients don’t need to be admitted to the hospitals or ambulatory surgery centers.

4. It saves time and you create your own schedule

You don’t have to travel to hospitals through traffic.  You don’t have to wait around for your turn.  You will have more free time for you and your family.  You control your schedule and you can utilize time much more efficiently with office-based surgery.

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