Here are four reasons why you need to consider minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery

Minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery is a great alternative surgical solution to your patients.

Patients know about minimally invasive surgery so if you can provide an equivalent solution to traditional open surgery, why not?

MACRA and MIPS are value-based healthcare that are in place.

As you know, government and insurance companies are running out of money, and our reimbursement rate is going down every year.

Based on big data, if you happen to spend a lot of money doing surgery, for example, using an expensive fixation system or taking up a lot of OR time, you’ll be penalized. On the other hand, if you can save government or insurance company money, you’ll be rewarded. So, why not consider minimally invasive surgery because you don’t use expensive fixation system with MIS.

That’s what the market wants.

Most surgical procedures nowadays, if you see a market, social media, Internet, everything’s minimally invasive surgery. Arthroscopic, laparoscopic, non-surgical and now, with the surgical foot, why not percutaneous minimally invasive surgery? Two-millimeter and three-millimeter incisions a lot of times don’t need internal hardware fixation.

Minimally invasive surgery has been proven to be effective.

We’ve been kind of blind from the world of minimally invasive surgery, especially percutaneous techniques. If you look at the outside world, even “Foot & Ankle International” magazine, and a lot of studies, the percutaneous minimally invasive surgical techniques have been published, and then proven to be effective.

So, if you look a little bit outside of the box, it is out there. And now the US is catching up: the Orthopedic Society and podiatrists in the US. You can see a cadaver lab doing minimally invasive surgeries everywhere in the US, especially in the past two years.

Let’s recap why the trend is heading towards minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery:

This is a great alternative to traditional open surgery.
Good protection to value-based healthcare such as MACRA and MIPS.
Minimally invasive surgery is what the market wants, and this is what is in trend right now.
Minimally invasive surgery has been proven to be effective.

There you have it, four reasons why you must consider minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery in your practice.

Please do not hesitate to leave comments, concerns, and questions. I am passionate about minimally invasive surgery. I am passionate about promoting and increasing awareness and to create and provide an educational source to help you learn about minimally invasive surgery.

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Dr. TJ Ahn

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