Today I’m going to talk about Authority.

When it comes to choosing a specialist for patients’ problems what are they based on? Let’s say there are multiple doctors, and even specialists, in your community. So when patients choose which doctor they should go to, assuming two doctors have the same skills, which doctor do you think the patients are going to choose? What will the choice be based on?

The need to build authority for private practice owners

In fact, I took a special course. I invest a lot of money every year in personal development and business skills. I’m a podiatrist in Chicago and I focus on minimally invasive surgery. However, my practice model is based on the hybrid concierge model. To have a successful hybrid concierge model, you definitely need to have some balance not only for the surgical skills or your niche. You also need to develop business skills to run your medical practice more as a business.

You are providing a service and your main goal or objective is to heal patients and fix their problems. However, without knowing business skills – marketing, sales, and communication – in detail, we are busy running against the schedule. You can have all the excuses you want; however, certain skill sets you cannot outsource.

To build authority, you cannot outsource it.

The easiest, fastest way to build your authority without spending a lot of money is to build social proof now. You can build social proof through patient testimonial videos. I’m not just talking about written ones through proper videos. Patients speak patient terms. Patients speak from emotion. Patients speak from their experience instead of you telling people out there how good you are or how qualified you are. Basically, you are naturally being selected as the choice, the authority or leader or expert in your field.

So as I was saying, I spent a lot of money developing business skills. I took one course by Joel Bauer, a great teacher, and coach. He’s known as a mentor for well-known celebrities, mentors, and coaches. I took his course entitled “Live Authority Matrix”. Joel says in his course that you have to be the only logical choice by your customers or clients. In our case, I would say:

“You have to be the only logical choice by your patients and potential patients.”

You build authority and, again, the quickest and most efficient way to build your authority shift is to develop strong patient social proof through testimonial videos. If you want to see how it’s done check out my patient testimonial videos on my YouTube channel.


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